JCC Newsletter – Naso

JCC Newsletter – Naso

In case you are wondering why the newsletter is landing in your inbox on a Wednesday morning, the JCC is hosting two exciting events these next few days that you won’t want to miss. In non-chronological order, here we go.

Amelia Wilhelm’s Bat Mitzvah will take place this Saturday morning June 11th at 10am in our JCC sanctuary followed by lunch in the social hall. Don’t know the Wilhelm Family? Well, you’ve been missing out since they are just about the greatest Americans to land on Japanese shores since Commodore Matthew Perry (too soon?). As new arrivals, the Wilhelms threw themselves right into the JCC by chaperoning our first BBYO trip and helping us make sure we always have access to plenty of hard-to-find kosher products including the ten cheesecakes we enjoyed over Shavuot. Please join us this Shabbat as Amelia leads services and reads from the Torah. We ask that you please RSVP as soon as you are able.

Jack Halpern’s long-awaited Lehrhaus Series Lecture ‘The Adventures of a 12-Language Polyglot’ is this Thursday evening at 7:30pm at the JCC. You may have noticed a discrepancy in the original e-mail that went out. The title stated 12 languages but the image showed 18 languages. This was not an error. In the time it took the internet to process the message, Jack Halpern had learned six new languages. How many has he learned since you started reading this sentence? Come find out on Thursday night!

A little further off will be Family Shabbat on Friday night, June 24th at 6:00pm. Remember, just like at IHOP (although not Japanese Denny’s) Sunday School Kids eat free! Don’t forget to reserve here.


Shabbat Parshat Nasso
Bat Mitzvah of Amelia Wilhelm
Kiddush Luncheon sponsored by Amelia’s grandparents Albert and Paula Ugelow of Palm City, Florida
Saturday, June 11th
Services: 10:00am
Lunch: 12:00pm

Family Shabbat
Friday, June 24th
Services: 6:00pm
Dinner with Reservation: 7:00pm

Shabbat Parshat Shlach
Kiddush in the process of being sponsored
Saturday, June 25th
Services: 10:00am
Kiddush: 12:00pm


Lehrhaus Lecture Series presented by Jack Halpern
The Adventures of a 12-Language Polyglot — the joys and pains of learning a new language —
Jack Halpern serves as the Founder of the CJK Dictionary Institute and Director of the Japan Yiddish Club
Thursday, June 9th
Time: 7:30pm
In-Person at the JCC


Mazal Tov to the Wilhelm and Ugelow Families on Amelia’s Bat Mitzvah. May you merit many more simchas!

Mazal Tov to the Yeskel Family on Isaac’s making the Samurai traveling team. Isaac and the Samurai will play in several AAU Tournaments in the US in July. Please see Isaac with Avi Shafer who played for Team Japan in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Avi was also a Tokyo Samurai, where Isaac now plays. Isaac, don’t forget the JCC when you turn pro!

Best of luck to all our Sunday School students on their upcoming final exams. To be clear, we mean regular school final exams. If we gave final exams in the Sunday School, that would just be cruel.

Yiddish Club with Jack Halpern: Meetings have started monthly in-person at the JCJ. Please contact Jack at jack@cjki.org if you are interested to join. All levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced. Much more than just language, the club enjoys exploring Yiddish culture as well.

The Scheers will be on home leave from mid-July to mid-August. As is the culture of the JCC since the invention of the Blackberry, or maybe even the beeper, the rabbi will be expected to answer your e-mail’s and messages immediately regardless of the time zone.

Shabbat Parshat Naso
Candle Lighting: 6:38pm
Havdala: 7:42pm