JCC Newsletter – Parshat Lech Lecha

JCC Newsletter – Parshat Lech Lecha

As we prepare to enter 紅葉/kōyō I welcome everyone back from their summer holidays and High Holidays. The most common refrain I heard from people the past month runs something along the lines of “I cannot believe how much my parents aged.” Please do not feel alone in what can be a very draining experience physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and of course financially. The 5th commandment reads “Honor your father and your mother, that you may long endure on the land that the LORD your God is assigning to you.” It is the only one of the 10 Commandments that mentions a specific reward because it requires a tremendous amount of effort whether you are 6 or 60.

The JCC seeks to offer Zoom support groups for those who wish to share their experience or simply be present with others discussing the difficulties inherent in taking care of aging parents whether they are in New York or Nikko, Florida or Fukuoka, Tel Aviv or Tokyo, Charlotte or Shanghai (you get the idea). Don’t worry if you are not the touchy-feely type. These sessions are as much about figuring out Medicaid lookback periods as they are dealing with the loss of dignity for people we hold in the highest esteem. If you are interested in participating, please reply to this e-mail so we can start planning.


Zoom Thursday Night Mishmar will begin at 6:00pm NEXT week (10/21). What is mishmar you ask? Well, if you have ever strolled through a Jewish neighborhood late on a Thursday and heard singing for no apparent reason, that was mishmar. Literally translated to standing guard or watch, the Thursday night session acts as a wake-up call prior to the onset of Shabbat on Friday night. It almost always comes with cholent/chamin/ちゃんこ which is something we as a community should strive towards. We will sing many of the songs we normally reserve for Kabbalat Shabbat followed by the Thursday night Ma’ariv service.


Shabbat Parshat Vayera in-person services
Saturday, October 23rd
Oktoberfest Young Professionals Kiddush sponsored by Lauren and Steven Rose in honor of their 5th Wedding Anniversary. Hot Dogs and Spiked Seltzer sponsored by the Andreu Family.
Services: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Kiddush: 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Thank you to David Tropp and Shari Berman for leyning.

Shabbat Parshat Toldot in-person services/B’nai Mitzvah Family Shabbat
Saturday, November 6th
Kiddush Sponsored by the Seme and Semaya Families in honor of the first celebration of the Ethiopian-Jewish holiday of Sigd in Japan.
Services: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Kiddush: 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Thank you to Todd Walzer for leyning the full Torah reading and Lea and Micah Epstein for leading services and the Haftarah. Mazal Tov to Todd, Lea and Micah on the anniversary of their B’nai Mitzvot.

Family In-Person Kabbalat Shabbat
Friday, November 12th
Services: 6:00pm – 7:00pm
We are planning a dinner by reservation to follow services with hopes to confirm by next week.

Shabbat Parshat Vayishlach
Bar Mitzvah of Eli Sheldon
Saturday, November 20th
Services: 10:00am – 12:00pm


The JCC expresses our deepest condolences to Eyal Agmoni on the loss of his mother Devorah.
מן השמים תנוחמו

Thank you to Professor Adam Komisarof for volunteering to lead the first of our ‘Lehrhaus Lectures’ on Intercultural Communication. An additional thank you to Jerry Rosenberg who will speak on the History of the Jews in Japan. We are still working on dates but the plan for now is Thursday nights every other month.

Rabbi Andrew, Tali and Asher will be away 11/22-1/20. If you are going to be in the New York metro area or Florida during that time, please reply to this e-mail. Our families have been so touched by the community’s warm reception to us that they would love to meet you. They are also very jealous that many of you have already held their newest grandson on countless occasions and have made it clear we will never be forgiven for that. Such is life abroad.

In the following weeks and months, we will roll out several new features in the newsletter including a message from the board, featured members, a Japanese column and member recipes. If you would like to volunteer for any of the above, please reply to this e-mail.

Shabbat Parshat Lech Lecha
Candle Lighting: 4:48pm
Havdala: 5:43pm

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Andrew Scheer