JCC Shabbat Newsletter – Parshat Balak

JCC Shabbat Newsletter – Parshat Balak

Have you noticed the Events heading below? Our analytics do not tell us when you stop scrolling in the e-mail so we genuinely have no idea. Sherry Greenfield, our Events Committee Chair, puts together incredible programming featuring arts, culture, Israel and really something for everyone. Wednesday night’s Zoom with Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich featured some absolute fireworks that will not be forgotten anytime soon by those who called in. Even with so many members traveling abroad this summer, the JCC continues to host quality programming including this Sunday’s Quilling Paper Art Hands on Workshop with Lauren Rose. Hope to see you there!


We invite you to in-person Shabbat services this Saturday morning (6/26) at 10am. Please RSVP by replying to this e-mail. Social distancing guidelines will be maintained. Thank you to Todd Walzer for leyning.

Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat will begin on Zoom at 6:00pm through July 23rd.

Schedule for Summer Shabbat morning 10am in-person services: 6/26, 7/10, 7/31, 8/14, 8/28

Dessert Kiddush of Izaki-san’s famous pastries will follow Shabbat morning services.

Kiddush and this week’s ShaBeers are generously sponsored by the Bass Family in honor of their son David’s departure to the US to serve as a Counselor at Camp Olympia in Texas followed by his freshman year at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Whereas until now, UNC was best known as Michael Jordan’s alma mater we at the JCC fervently believe that in several years’ time it will be better known worldwide as David Bass’s alma mater.

This week’s ShaBeer comes from Tanakaya Liquor Store in Mejiro which carries the widest selection of craft beer in Tokyo (not a paid endorsement). I will go shopping tomorrow but what I gathered from Steve is that once David turns 21 of course and is legally permitted to drink in the US, there is a strong likelihood that Coors Light will be considered a splurge. So before that happens please join us in sending David off in style with some of the finest beers in the world, mostly from Belgium.

Next Kiddush available for sponsorship is July 31st.


Quilling Paper Art Hands on Workshop with Lauren Rose
Date: Sunday, June 27
Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Location: JCJ

Mornings at the JCC (presentation postponed)
Date: Wednesday, June 30
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Family Shabbat
Sponsored by Marsha and Jerry Rosenberg
Date: Friday, July 2nd
Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm


The JCC observes the 50th yahrtzeit of Leopold Sneider, Zalman “Lipa” ben Elchanan Halevi, father of David Sneider. May his neshama have an aliyah.

To all of our members who are traveling this summer, we wish a nesiah tovah, fair winds and following seas.

In the following weeks and months, we will roll out several new features in the newsletter including a message from the board, featured members, a Japanese column and member recipes. If you would like to volunteer for any of the above, please reply to this e-mail.

Image: Paper Quilling apropos of Sunday’s event.

Parshat Balak
Candle Lighting: 6:42pm
Shabbat Ends: 7:46pm